If you have a brilliant idea:

Don’t hesitate!

It is simple. A founding project can only go through the roof when strong pillars support the ceiling. At Partake we believe that only those who have the clearest focus on the needs of customers and the shortest time-to-market can successfully establish in the market.

Clarity and speed are not achieved in the traffic jams of conventional roads. Only if we change our own thinking and working patterns our ideas change the world someday. As French avant-garde painter Francis Picabia once said: “Our heads are round so that our thinking can change direction.”

With this attitude we start our projects. As always, we kick if off with a jam session, our interactive workshop format. Through inspiring spaces and innovative creative techniques, such as ‘Design Thinking‘, we will find in a mere 3,5 hours an initial purpose, which is a basic idea.

Once the purpose is clear, we develop a portable and marketable business model, either for independent businesses or for business units.

We believe that in this process counseling alone does not provide real added value. ‘Partake’, therefore, is not only our name, but also our goal. We want to actively participate in the value of projects: With capital to fund start-ups, many years of know-how, interdisciplinary competence, and with extensive resources such as premises, creative tools, and techniques that allow our foundation and corporate partners to quickly make the right decisions, respond to opportunities, and develop a business successfully.

All of this is rooted in a core process that each business idea goes through at Partake. In it the idea is repeatedly tested on assumptions and dogmas and then refined until finally (market) value is created.

As you can see, there are many reasons to start working with Partake.

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The core process

Ideas grow from a concept to market readiness continuously, but sadly not always that fast.

For precisely this reason, all projects at Partake undergo a core process that specifically confers not only the project itself, but also its implementation structure. The recipe for success is the time-to-market strategy. In other words, results or products are released before the actual market launch, so that they can be tested and further improved according to the feedback. That makes ideas better and keeps the creators in a better mood.

Before a business idea or an innovation project enters our core process, an interdisciplinary Partake project team has already taken care of an agile project organization. From this base the design phase follows, which is closely based on the ‘Design Thinking’ principles.

In this phase the concrete business idea is polished and sanded until it is qualified enough to shine in the shop window of Tiffany’s.

In the next step the idea learns to walk: With a prototype we let the idea trip until it can stand on two solid legs and overwhelm the market with confidence.

While we are looking for ideas that are full of innovation, we can only guarantee their suitability for series production if we set standards at the same time, so that the same is true for their efficiency. We do this because efficiency is our benchmark for the success of the start-up businesses that release in the market or operate in our own ecosystem.

For the entire core process applies: The project team can always jump back to previous phases, re-question work results again and again, revise, and finally evolve.