Think outside the box.

Above the rooftops of Berlin.

Unexpected ideas emerge in unexpected places. Why else is it impossible to find a Banksy in company canteens or copy rooms?

The open and spacious rooms in our innovation labs on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm provide you and your ideas all the freedom to go beyond itself. Your equipment is marked playfully and visually and adapts flexibly to the needs of your project. You will see: A ‘room to play’ gives you considerably more leeway to get results that trigger a murmur in the market more quickly.

Our creative methods fill the room with life. And flashes of inspiration.

Conformance of regulations is the opposite of originality. Everything about this very word reminds us of an old-fashioned tweed jacket. In our experience design workshops we therefore focus specifically on tools that force the existing rules and working and thinking patterns to leave. Once they are out, creative and free work can take place. These in-house created creative methods range from furniture and gadgets to planning and management tools.

At a first glance, our ‘cubes’ look like padded seating cubes. But after just one hour of your jam session you will have used them as a room divider, presentation wall, bowling ball, and who knows, maybe even as a spaceship. In short, our cubes can be transformed into interactive work environments and artifacts that will result in unexpected views on your existing ideas.

Writable walls
In meetings you often feel like talking to a wall. We turned the tables and make the walls talk to us. Our writable walls do not only increase the mood, but also the participation of the team. They allow thoughts to be sorted, reconsidered, fine-tuned, discarded, and then thought of again. Until your reaction is no longer ‘meh’, but rather ‘hurray’.

Writable tables
Once your idea has changed the world, you either choose to sit back comfortably or stand up straight! We believe that our brain synapses only keep active when we are in motion ourselves. Therefore, we roll our bar tables diligently to where we need them. Spontaneous thoughts we simply write on them. They are our version of ‘White(skate)boards’. By chopping various methods we lay out the best ideas.

By chopping various methods, we chop out the best ideas.

Many roads lead to Rome. Google Maps can kindly confirm this statement. We believe that we will get there the fastest if we know a whole range of routes, combine them properly, and then deliberately avoid congestion. To stay with this map analogy: We know about the various creative methods of experience design as the lorry drivers on Europe’s motorways. At Partake we put you behind the steering wheel, sit down with a lot of experience on the passenger seat, and ride together along diverse creative methods, such as ‘Design Thinking’, to finally arrive at new, disruptive business ideas. This way we turn projects into successful projects.

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We heat up everything. Except cold coffee.

Each meeting starts with a warm-up. In it you either think of yourself as a monkey, samurai or snow white, as long as you are ready for everything else that the day holds for you. Our warm-up brings you not only to the right operating temperature, but also opens up well entrenched thought patterns through our advanced karate moves. Your head will immediately be released from old ideas and ready for new brainstorming sessions. Our main principle? No one is allowed to use his title or experience to take a break, and certainly not in their seat. If you would like to use our extraordinary warm-up according to the ‘Design Thinking’ principles for your own meetings and workshops, please download the Partake warm-up shuffle app on iTunes.

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