Cloud transformation for SAP partners


SAP wants to change their partner organization and therefore offers its top ten partners the opportunity to participate in a workshop at Partake on the topic “Cloud Transformation.”

The aim of the workshop series is to fathom the attitude of the partners on the subject and to sharpen it, in order to develop concrete strategies for action. The workshop was precisely adapted to the challenges of each partner, although there was also room for spontaneous changes during the workshop.

In a final workshop, the future cooperation was defined with the directors in the form of a road map.

  • Those were two very important days that have initiated a good process.
  • We are definitely convinced of Partake and its concept and would gladly recommend them!


SAP is the largest European, in terms of sales, and world’s fourth largest software producer. The Walldorf-based business specializes in the development of software for the management of all business processes.