Harz Tourism Association


Multichannel campaign


The Harz Tourism Association (HTV) has repeatedly conducted successful campaigns to increase awareness of the Harz mountain range in Northern Germany and to open up new target groups. During 2014, the businesses wanted to specifically target socially ecological and liberal-intellectual 40+ couples from Berlin.


Design a multichannel campaign to address the mentioned target group and to win them as holiday guests.


  1. Jam session: Joint workshop with representatives of HTV and Partake to define the target groups and to gather first ideas for the appropriate approach.
  2. Conception: Development of a multichannel approach by Partake
  3. Presentation to the representatives of the HTV.


A comprehensive multichannel campaign with the slogan: “Ich bin mal kurz im Harz” (I am briefly in Harz). The mood of the campaign conveys that the Harz is an attractive and especially nearby resort which can be reached without much overhead.

The motives show different places in the Harz and its activities and compare them favorably with places and activities in Berlin. For example: “Higher than the Teufelsberg – I am briefly in Harz” or “Better than a currywurst – I am briefly in Harz.”

To convey the message, social media, radio advertising, city cards with QR codes, posters with QR codes, and advertising on car sharing vehicles were recommended.

Harz Tourism Association

The Harz Tourism Association, headquartered in Goslar, is with approximately 250 sorts of memberships and companies the tourism marketing organization for the entire Harz mountain range. It advertises the tourist offers of the region, supports and coordinates the activities of its members, and lobbies for their interests.

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