‘Thinking outside the box.’

Starts with ‘Thinking outside the cubicle’.

Where regular meetings, fax machines, and urgent tasks rule, innovation is a foreign word. Unusual ideas require even more unusual work and thought patterns.

‘Thinking outside the box’ at Partake starts with ‘Thinking outside the cubicle’. With our innovation lab we have created a work environment beyond the expectable, where you can imagine ideas and become playful like a child. But that is not all. With exceptional creative techniques we pester your project and business ideas like a Russian ballet teacher to perfection, until they are ready to reach the market. Even in our corporate culture these revolutionary working principles apply. We work differently, relying on voluntariness and self-organization. This means that hierarchies are non-existing and we create new teams with every project again and again. These are extremely flexible interdisciplinary teams of young and experienced Partakers. This works so well that we do not only spend our lunch breaks, but also our pilates, CrossFit, or saxophone courses after work together. Regardless of whether you participate in a jam session at Partake, devise a founding model, or want to implement an innovation project, together we create innovative projects on the market that scream ‘Where do I sign’.

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