Turn your ideas upside down.

In a jam session at Partake.

Jam with us!

Partake is a company builder. Together with our customers we build business divisions or divide them out. Agile management and innovative methods are key.

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Jam Session

As part of our jam session we put your idea, conventions, and thought processes to the test. With innovative, creative techniques and an inspiring work environment we do not only enhance your idea with unexpected fine-tuning, but also mark it with the stamp “disruptive.” This way, your idea will put industries and markets in fear and terror.

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Innovation Projects

New rules, new opportunities. You want to work differently and change your company from within, but not directly establish something new? The experience gained from our innovation projects shows you entirely new ways to be successful in the long-term. Start today!


Do not talk. Create. Bring your business model successfully on the market. With a financial contribution of Partake you will win passionate supporters, experienced doerts, and creative minds for your future business. Create something out of your idea!

Digitale Transformation

“What can be digital, will be digital.” We help companies to keep up with the radical digital upheaval and the therefrom resulting opportunities and challenges

Only those who master the challenges of the market …

  • Partake Business Innovation Top 5 – Unerfüllte Kundenwünsche
    customer requests
  • Partake Business Innovation Erstarrte Märkte
    Solidified markets
  • Partake Business Innovation Ineffiziente Geschäftsmodelle
    Inefficient Business Models
  • Partake Business Innovation Frederick the Great
    Social Challenges

… can reinvent it with disruptive founding ideas.

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